The .JP extension is the Country Code Top Level Domain for Japan. The ccTLD was presented for registration in 1986 and as of 2012 there are more than 1 300 000 registered .JP domain names. The domain is very popular in Japan for commercial, non-profit or personal websites. The .JP domains are often used to highlight the Japanese identity of the owner. That’s why if you want a stronger presence on the quickly developing Japanese technological market, you should consider buying a .JP domain. The .JP registration is usually done in Japanese.


.JP Registration Requirements

Unfortunately, .JP Top Level Domain Names are open for registration only to companies and individuals with a permanent address in Japan. The .JP registry (Japan Registry Service) also offers Third Level Domains that have more specific requirements. One of them – the CO.JP domain can be also registered by firms that aren’t Japanese but have been registered as “Foreign company” in Japan. OR.JP can be used only by registered non-profit organizations, NE.JP is for network service providers, GO.JP is for the Japanese government institutions and so on. There are also Second-Level Domains that designate cities and prefectures in Japan (like metro.tokyo.jp).

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