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Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Service usually refers to dedicated hosting packages that come with server administration and tech support. Still, some VPS hosting packages are also sometimes considered as managed hosting. Shared hosting accounts are always managed by the host. For dedicated servers, most hosting providers offer full management of the server’s hardware and software. However, dedicated hosting services are often unmanaged or not fully managed. Many users who have websites with lots of traffic, especially heavy business and media sites, need a dedicated server but have no technical knowledge. In this case, the best solution is managed to host. Managed to host plans are also very flexible, they can be easily upgraded and customized, the user can select an operating system, configurations and applications for his server and the hosting company will take care of the upgrades he ordered (only with fully managed hosting services).


Advantages of the Managed Hosting

Managed hosting, especially if it’s really fully managed could be much more expensive than unmanaged hosting services. However, in this case, you don’t have to spend more money to hire professionals to administer your server and take care of your website or try to do it by yourself, as you would have to do with unmanaged hosting. Making a bit higher investment will save you a lot of troubles and all the technical issues that may turn up with any website will be off your mind, so you can concentrate on your business and do the things you can do best. For that reason, you should be very careful when you choose your managed hosting provider and make sure that company you have selected will provide you all the needed managed hosting services: technical support managed backup, managed databases, troubleshooting, security updates, monitoring, software installations and so on.


VPS Managed Hosting

If you decide to use our website hosting services you can order any VPS hosting plan based on our cloud infrastructure with additional administration services and support (managed hosting). Still, if you are experienced enough to manage your own virtual private server you can order it as unmanaged hosting without our extra VPS Assistance Package. Our VPS plans start at per year.

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