The .NET domain is one of the best known generic Top-Level Domains to choose from when you decide to create your own website and establish a recognizable brand online. NET is one of the common TLDs that you can register with no restrictions, you can also use a .NET domain name as an alternative if your site’s name is already registered by someone else with .COM or another desired TLD. NET is easily recognizable TLD that you can use for all types of websites without worrying that it won’t be quickly remembered by your users. The first .NET domains were created back in 1985 when the first Top Level domain names within the DNS were introduced. Today NET is among the most widely used TLDs.


NET Registration Requirements

The name of the .NET TLD is a short form of “network” and at first it was supposed to be used mainly for sites by networking companies or organizations; many entrepreneurs, mostly tech and startup companies register NET domains. Nevertheless, there are no special requirements for the registration of a NET domain name and absolutely everyone may register one with any domain name registrar. With .NET TLD you can also register Internationalized domain names (IDNs) that have the functionality to appear in non-Latin alphabets in web browsers. Not that often, The NET domain can be also used as Second Level Domain (SLD) or Third Level Domain in combination with a Country Code Domain Name (For example, uk.net or net.uk). Net registration is fast and simple.

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