The plug-in is a software package or module that provides additional features of all kinds for a bigger software program. Plug-ins add specific features to the software, making it more flexible and easily customized. Software applications also support plug-ins in order to allow third parties to develop modules that extend their capabilities and to facilitate the implementation of new features with no increase to the size of the software. A plug-in won’t usually work on its own, because it depends on the application software that is its host. On the other hand, the host application runs on its own and it doesn’t have to be changed if plug-ins are removed or modified. Plug-ins are used to enhance various kinds of software, they are often added in browsers, content management systems (some of the most looked for add-ons are WordPress plug-ins) and other web applications. Desktop software also uses plug-ins that enable the support for more file formats, specialized features, and commands (Adobe Photoshop, media players, Microsoft Office, etc).


Browser Plug-in & Other Uses, Plug-in Downloads

Plug-ins are easy to find and implement. For example, you can download any Joomla or WordPress plug-in. There are thousands of free WordPress plug-ins that enable all kinds of additional features for the CMS: forums, players, scripts, galleries, special visual elements, and many more useful features. You just need to download the plug-in and enable it in the plug-ins section of the CMS. Browser plug-ins are often used to enable the browser to read various types of content including video, animations, audio and more. Frequently used browser plug-ins of this type are Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Silverlight, Real Player, QuickTime, etc. You can download plug-ins for your browser just as easily. Depending on what kind of browser you are using, you need to download the plug-ins designed especially for it. Typically, you can download plug-in install package and manage it from the browser homepage and menu. You can automatically add new plug-ins, block or disable old ones.

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