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Python is one of the widely used programming languages that can be applied in various cases. It’s dynamic, interactive and thus easy to interact with. The Python script is interpreted, which means that the code is processed in runtime, only some parts of the Python code are checked at compile time. The Python programming language is object-oriented with a flexible structure, greater readability and clear, simpler syntax. Python is case-sensitive and takes into account the indentation in the code. So, the amount of whitespace defines the end of blocks and statements. If the indentation is wrong the Python interpreter will flag it as an error in the syntax. Python comes with lots of free documentation, which simplifies its use for both amateurs and professionals. This package of ready-to-use modules is the Python Library and can be found on the official Python site along with lots of Python tutorials.


Python Programming Language Uses

The Python script is used for all kinds of web applications; it can be used for both small and big web projects. Still, Python is also implemented in a great range of desktop software applications including 3D animation programs, some video games, in A.I. projects and information security programs, besides many operating systems deploy Python, particularly Linux. Well known organizations and companies using the Python programming language are Google, Spotify, BitTorrent, CERN, NASA etc. Since Python is more readable, with clean and short syntax, as well not that many keywords, it is relatively easy to be learnt and used by students and less advanced programmers.

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