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Everyone hates email SPAM and there are numerous ways of dealing with it, some of them are relatively efficient, but most of them are not. One of the ways to get rid of SPAM is to use email filters. SPAM filters are simply set up, but when you choose filtering software it’s always better to have filters that are more flexible and of course – compatible with the email software and services that you are using. What the SPAM filter should do is to detect and block, delete or remove spam messages to your SPAM folder.

Filter SPAM with SpamAssassin

One of the most popular and open-source email SPAM filters is SpamAssassin. It is flexible software that uses different techniques for SPAM detection based on content-matching rules, including SPAM databases, text-analysis, and Bayesian filtering. SpamAssassin is written in Perl, it’s highly configurable and easy to extend, adding more to its functionality. It is compatible with most email platforms and it is easy to set up.

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