You could freely register not only the most generic Top-Level Domains but also some of the country-code TLDs. Although it coincides with the abbreviation for “television” the popular .TV Top Level Domain is actually a standard country-code TLD that was introduced to serve as a national domain for Tuvalu. The .TV domain was established in 1996 and sponsored by the government of Tuvalu. Now the Tuvalu government owns only 20% of the domain and it is currently managed by Verisign.


.TV Registration & Use

The .TV is well-known ccTLD used by many brands offering TV, video and streaming services. Although the initially intended use was only for Tuvalu-based organizations, companies or Tuvalu citizens, there are no restrictions for .TV registration at the moment. The .TV domain is often used for television or video-related websites; however, it can be used for other purposes as well. There are only a few reserved .TV domains that cannot be registered including .gov.tvcom.tvnet.tvorg.tv. All you have to do is check your domain availability with any accredited registrar and start building your website.

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