Do you want to expand your website’s presence to more countries while protecting your domain name from unfair use? For that purpose you could register various Top Level Domains and there are more than 300 you could freely choose from. Most of them are country-code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). The .TW domain is one of the country-code domains and it is established to serve individuals and organizations based in Taiwan. The domain was introduced back in 1989 and since then it has been quite popular in the country. Besides, Taiwan has one of the rapidly growing economies and perspective IT markets.

.TW Registration Requirements

.TW domain can be registered by non-Taiwan entities as well. However, there are some restrictions. For .TW registration of domain names on the second level (e.g. yourname.tw), there are no special requirements and anyone can use this option. However, using some predefined Third Level domains is reserved only for Taiwanese organizations and citizens. Some of these restricted extensions are edu.tw (for academic and educational purposes), gov.tw (Taiwanese government services) and mil.tw(military). But foreigners can freely register com.tw (registered companies), org.twidv.twgame.tw etc. TW top-level domains may be also registered in Chinese characters as Internationalized domains.

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