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TXT (Text) records are part of the Domain Name System and they may include human-readable and machine-readable text. The TXT records could have different functions and contain any kind of text. However, TXT is often used to authenticate that you are the owner of your domain and to protect your email address from spam and various forms of infringement. The company from which you got your domain holds your TXT records and for access to them, you need their assistance. For that reason, you must make sure that your domain name provider allows access to the TXT records.

What Can I Do With TXT Records?

There are no restrictions on the things that you can write in your TXT records. Still, have in mind that unless your words are put in quotes, every single one of them will be considered a separate string. You should also consider the TTL (Time to Live) of the record, which defines how much time is needed before it updates. In the TXT you can use various elements and standards like the DKIM. The DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) standard could be added in your DNS records to generate a domain key that encrypts your email headers. In the TXT section, you can place the SPF record to verify your email address and prevent spam. There are more encryption techniques that can be applied in your TXT records to improve the security of your domain and email.

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