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Email Alias is an alternative or substitute email address that you can use as additional to your primal email (the address that you’ve created when you’ve made your email account). From the alias address, you can send messages, but you will receive them in your original mailbox. That is why it is very convenient to use various mail aliases for different purposes and simply check all the email messages at one inbox. Using aliases is actually a simple email forwarding technique. Aliases are very easy to use and don’t require the creation of new mailboxes and accounts. That’s how simple it is to get all your mail in one place. However, whether you are enabled to use email aliases and how many you could use depends on your email provider or host in case you have a website with an email address on its domain.


Email Aliases’ Functions

The alias doesn’t function exactly like your original email address, because it simply redirects messages to it. It can’t be accessed at its own mailbox (it doesn’t have one), at the same time your primal address works just as usual. For example, if your email is you can create an alias like and use it only for your business partners. When they send emails to the email alias you actually receive them at This way you can create as many aliases as you want (well, it depends on the email and hosting services you are using) and use them as separate emails representing different names or roles. You can also create aliases for other domains as long as they are not taken by others. For example, you could use as alias pointing to And if your permanent email address changes you can simply update the alias to point to a new address and still use it.

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