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If you want to change your email account or switch email providers you can use email forwarding. For the easier management of all your email messages, you could also check up all your email accounts from one mailbox using email forwarding services. So, whether you switch your email provider or even the hosting provider for your site you won’t need to create new email accounts. You only have to make sure that your new host provides mail forwarding options.

Why Do I Need Email Forwarding?

Email forwarding could be used for both redirecting/resending of individual emails usually done manually or for the automated redirection of all emails from one email account to another. Hosting and email providers typically provide simplified interfaces where you can quickly set forwarding for your email messages. Usually, you should only specify the email addresses you need. Hosting providers could offer paid or free forwarding of emails depending on the services and plans you’ve ordered with them. If you have old email accounts that you’re not regularly checking for new mails or accounts you won’t use anymore you can simply forward them to any email address you want. We invite you to check out the email features for our shared web hosting plans. You can freely set email forwarding for your email accounts from our easy in-house Control Panel and use unlimited aliases for your email address. Redirect selected emails using various filters and use our virus and SPAM protection to keep your mailbox clean.

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