EPP Key stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol which is a code consisting of numbers. It’s required in order to transfer a domain from one registrar to another. The EPP Code is also known as the Authorization Code or Transfer Secret Key. The EPP key is created by your current registrar and checked through the global registries for validity. EPP keys are security codes required by the registrar when you transfer domains. They are unique for every domain. No two EPP keys are similar and if you are transferring several domains, you’ll need to get an EPP key for each of them. The EPP key serves as one of the security measures that protect your domain from being transferred illegally. If someone else besides your registrar requires your EPP Code, make sure it’s not for a fraudulent purpose.

Why You May Need an EPP Key

One of the most common uses of the EPP Code is transferring a domain name from one registrar to another. You’ll need to access the administrative email of your domain before proceeding with the transfer. The EPP key should be obtained from your current registrar, so log in to the registrar’s website and demand the EPP key. It’s mandatory for all registrars to provide some means for retrieving the Key. The domain status must be unlocked before the EPP Code can be received. You are able to check your current domain status and change it from the control panel of your domain provider. After receiving the key you can give it to your new web host upon request. You’ll receive a confirmation email on your administrative email address. That’s the basic process of using the EPP Code.

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