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The mailing list is one of the essential email features that simplify your work, education or email marketing projects by enabling you to easily send identical email messages to groups of your contacts simultaneously. This option lets you create a list of multiple email addresses that you can write to by sending an email to a single address – that of the mailing list (also known as a reflector), which sends copies of the email to the addresses from the list. So, if you frequently need to send uniform emails like newsletters, notifications, and others to lots of users, you’d better save yourself time and use mailing lists.


How Does The Mailing List Works?

Mailing lists are largely automated so the user can easily work with them. Some mailing lists allow subscribing, unsubscribing or modifying users’ preferences. Along with newsletters, which presume one-way communication, there are also discussion lists that are much more interactive (enable the subscribers to send messages to all the other subscribers and start a discussion). The more choices you offer your customers, the better. For improving your mailing lists features you can use various open-source PHP mailing lists management programs like PHP list or poMMo. As with most internet marketing techniques, you should be cautious when you create your email marketing strategies, so they will not be treated as spam.

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