.ME is one of these Country Code Top Level Domains that don’t have a specific recommended usage and purpose, and its registration is currently open for everyone. The abbreviation of the ME ccTLD comes from “Montenegro”, because it was initially intended for use from entities connected with the country. The .ME domain was introduced back in 2007 after Montenegro declared its independence from Serbia and Montenegro. So, .ME is one of the newest domains and the number of registered ME country-code top-level domains is over 0,5 million and counting. .ME got very popular in English-speaking countries (mostly in the USA) because it was hacked into phrases resulting in domains like insure.me.


.ME Registration Requirements

As stated above, the registration process for .ME top-level domain is straightforward and everybody is free to do it. One doesn’t have to have an administrative contact resident in Montenegro. So, you should use a .ME Top Level Domain in case your domain name is contextually appropriate (like insure.me) or is for a personal website (e.g. johndoe.me). ME can also be registered as a Second-Level Domain name. Of course, as with all TLDs, you should first check if the domain is available. If you transfer the domain, it should be unlocked and you should provide an EPP Key to your new registrar. At the time of the .me initial launch period, more than US$2,000,000 was accumulated with names like insure.me and sync.me going to the highest bidder. ME registrations can be directly placed with doMEn but it is easier and less expensive to do so via a domain registrar.



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