.BIZ is one of these generic Top Level Domains that have a recommended usage and specific purpose, but its registration is not currently restricted for anyone. The abbreviation of the gTLD comes from “business”, because it was initially introduced as an alternative Top Level Domain for businesses, whose domain names had already been registered with .COM or .NET TLDs. This was the main reason why the .BIZ domain was established back in 2001. So, BIZ is also a relatively new domain, so there are fewer domain names registered with it and you have more options to choose from.


.BIZ Registration Requirements

As mentioned, the BIZ registration is open to everyone who want this TLD for their sites. However, it is expected that domains ending with .BIZ will be used by some type of business organizations. So, you’d better use a .BIZ Top-Level Domain only if you want to be associated with some business activity. BIZ can also be registered as a Second-Level Domain name.

Of course, as with all TLDs, you should first check if the domain is available. If you transfer the domain, it should be unlocked and you should provide an EPP Key to your new registrar.

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