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How to Add Facebook Feed to WordPress

When learning how to build a WordPress website, it is important to know how to connect your pages with social media.

Since we already discussed how you can embed your Instagram feed in WordPress, now it is time to do the same with Facebook.

Connecting your Facebook page with WordPress can be greatly beneficial.  By doing so, you can engage with your audience in one more way and grow your website and Facebook traffic.

There are two ways you can connect Facebook with WordPress:

In the following paragraphs, you will read how you can use both options.


How to Add Facebook Feed to WordPress

There are two ways you can incorporate Facebook posts into WordPress:

  1. Via embedding code snippets for individual posts.
  2. Via a plugin for the entire feed.

Further in the article, you will read how to use both.


How to Embed a Single Facebook Post to WordPress

The process is very easy and requires only a few minutes of your time and no specific skills.

First, find the Facebook post you wish to include on your website.

Then, locate the three dots at the top right corner of the post and click them:

facebook post options menu


Then, from the drop-down menu, click on Embed:

facebook embed post options


This will open the embedding options for this particular post:

Facebook embed post menu


Click on the blue Copy Code button.

Now, enter your WordPress dashboard and head to the post or page in which you wish to include the Facebook post (for this demonstration, we will embed the post within a page).

To do so, simply go to Pages->All Pages (or Posts->All Posts), and from the list of your pages/posts select one:

WordPress admin panel all pages


While on the Edit page, switch to Text Editor:

wordpress page edit text editor


Now, determine where you wish to place the copied code. Remember that wherever you include this snippet, there the post will appear in Preview mode:

wordpress page embed code snippet


Now, click Update, so WordPress applies and saves the changes, and open your page:

WordPress embed facebook post preview


How to Embed Facebook Feed to WordPress

The easiest and fastest way to include an entire social media feed is by using a WordPress plugin.

There are various plugins you can use to embed your feed to your site and for this demonstration, we will use Smash Balook Social Post Feed:

Smash Baloon Social Post Feed Plugin


To be able to use the plugin, first, you should install it.

Once you’ve done so, open the plugin’s settings:

WordPress Plugin Settings


Then, follow the instructions inside and customize your appearance and preferred content display:

WordPress Customize Appearance Plugin


You will be asked to connect with your Facebook profile:

WordPress Connect with Facebook Profile


Once the process is finished, you will be redirected to the content customization page of the plugin:

WordPress Customize Feed Plugin


From here you can make various changes. Once you are done with the setup, head towards the Embed button at the top right corner and copy the code snippet that will appear:

WordPress Facebook Embed Code


Now, go to any page or post in which you wish to include the Facebook feed. For this demonstration we created a new page in which we will include it, however, keep in mind that the process is similar when embedding the code to a WordPress post:

WordPress Dashboard All Pages Menu


Open the page/post and head to the text editor:

WordPress Edit Page Text Editor


While there, decide where you wish to place the snippet – remember that wherever the code is placed, there the content will appear:

WordPress Embed Facebook Feed Code Snippet


Then, click on the blue Update button, so you save the changes and open the page/post:

WordPress Facebook Feed Overview


Now, you’ve managed to include the entire Facebook feed on your WordPress website.



Incorporating a social media feed into your website is a very effective way you can enhance your online presence and provide your visitors with more useful content.

Also, embedding a Facebook feed on your pages is a great way to improve traffic to both your social media websites and vice versa.


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