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How to Enter the WordPress Admin Panel

The WordPress Admin panel (also known as WordPress Admin Dashboard) is the place from which you manage all aspects of your WordPress site – themes, plugins, menus, content, media, and different kind of settings. Most of the time, when you want to make a change to your site, you will make it via the Admin Dashboard.

Тhe WordPress admin Panel could be described as a control center, which contains everything a WordPress user needs to create a fully functional website.

Entering the Admin Panel is a step that comes after choosing а hosting service, a domain name, and the installation of WordPress.

How to Enter the Admin Panel

In order to access the Admin Panel once WordPress is installed, users will need:

  • A username: the one you choose when installing WordPress.
  • An email: this is the same email that you have entered when installing WordPress.
  • A password: the one you chose when installing WordPress.

NB!  Keep in mind that these details are different from the ones you use to log in to your Hosting Admin Panel!

Usually, the majority of CMS installers provide this information automatically. Such is the case with Zacky Installer.

Accessing the WordPressAdmin Panel

The process is straightforward – add /wp-admin at the end of your website’s URL when typing down the domain name of your site in a browser.

For example, when you type down www.domainname.com,  simply add /wp-admin at the end. The final result should look like this: www.domainname.com/wp-admin:

WordPress Login Link

This would lead to the Admin Panel Login page:

WordPress Login Page

This is where you fill in your login details. These are the Username/Email and Password we mentioned above. Once you have entered them, click on the blue Log In button.

This will lead to your WordPress Admin Panel:

WordPress Dashboard

Why can’t I Log In to my Dashboard?

There are several reasons that might well prevent you from entering the Admin Panel.  Such may be:

  • WordPress Login Disabled: This notification appears when you tried too many times to log in with an incorrect Username or Password. This is one of the system’s defense mechanisms against aggressive hacking attacks and unwanted Dashboard visitors. Wait a few minutes and then try logging in again.
  • Issues with some security systems: Rarely, some apps can cause login problems when trying to access the WordPress Dashboard. Such include Windows Defender Firewall and some antivirus programs. Should such an issue appear, browse the settings of the problematic software and try to exclude WordPress from its effect.
  • Incorrect Username and/or Password: You should be careful when typing down your credentials in the login box.

What to do if I forgot my password?

WordPress features a dedicated mechanism to enter the Admin Panel even with a forgotten password. If such an issue appears, simply click on the “Lost your password?” link right below the login box. Then follow the instructions you will receive in your email.

WordPress Lost Password


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