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How to Remove the Blog Section on Your WordPress Site

Regardless of the situation, it is worth knowing how to remove your blog section in case you don’t need it anymore. This is why in the following paragraphs you will read how to remove your blog from your website.


How to Remove the Blog Section on Your Site

Whatever the case for deleting might be, removing the blog page is a straightforward process.


Method 1: Hide your Blog by Making the Page a Draft:

First, visit the Pages page via your WordPress Admin Panel:

WordPress Pages Menu


While in Pages, search for your Post Page and click on Quick Edit once you hover your mouse over the page’s title:

WordPress Page Quick Edit


A new menu with options will appear. In there, find the Status options. Then, from the drop-down menu select Draft and click on the blue Update button to apply and save the changes:

WordPress Update Page


Now, you should remove the page from the menu. To do so,  once more go to Appearance->Menus:

WordPress Menu Options


Then, locate in which menu you have included your blog page and click the small arrow on the left of the box:

WordPress Menu Structure Options


This will open a new menu with several options. At the bottom of the list, you will find a Remove button. Click it in order to remove the page from the menu and then click on Save Menu at the bottom right corner:

WordPress Save Menu Settings


Now, open your website and notice how the Blog page is no more present in the main menu:

WordPress Menu Layout


Method 2: Permanently Delete the Blog Page

If you wish to completely remove the Blog page from your site, simply go to Pages and click the red Trash button when it appears by hovering your mouse cursor over the page’s heading:

WordPress Delete Page


Then go to the Trash directory and delete the page with all its content permanently:

WordPress Permanently Delete Page



Removing your blog section sometimes can be the right decision for your entire website project. By following these simple steps, you will ensure that the pages are removed without sacrificing any kind of website functionality or anything else important.

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